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Dry Dock

Dry Dock

What differentiate us from other NDT Companies. We are not just a UTM company. Our Technical Team, apart from their UTM duties during Ship Repairs, they work as assistants to attending Superintendent, on Client’s Request.

A Superintendent has to coordinate and follow up many things while Vessel in ship yard. That is why it is impossible to have the absolute control of steel renewals. These leads to unnecessary repairs and in most cases excessive charges from ship yards. Our operators can assist superintendents to regain 100% control of hull repairs by doing the following:

  • Mark steel renewals

  • Supervise fittings and make sure ship yard renews steel plates as marked and not larger pieces.

  • Follow up repairs and report daily to Superintendent with progress of works.

  • Calculate surfaces to be coated and make final report.

  • Record total volumes of staging and report accordingly to superintendent.

  • Perform final joint survey with ship yard staff to determine steel renewals.

  • Inspecting Hatch weather and water tightness.

  • Check ships yards final work done lists.